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My Heart Lies is the brainchild of Bowling Green, KY musician Michael Nichols that has been a work in progress a few years now. Michael had starting working on ideas that would eventually become songs on Love And Fear with his friend Mike Murphy as early as 2009 but those ideas would eventually be put on the back-burner for a while as life got in the way, Through all of his various life struggles, Love and Fear still remained a constant theme throughout his life and as he matured, so did those songs. Writing and recording music is something he's always loved and has contributed to many songs and projects (One Renown is one of those many) but he wanted to release these songs that ended up becoming a major part of his life through the years. He recorded demos for all of the songs on Love And Fear himself but realized if he wanted this project and these songs to be what he wants them to be, he'd need a little help. Michael contacted an acquaintance he had met years ago named Jared Rosdeutscher in fall of 2015 about playing guitar on the finalized songs of the album. Jared and Michael had known each other since going to Winter Jam together in 2010 but since then, they didn't really talk to each other. Their similarities and things in common brought them back together with this project and Jared gladly wanted to become a part of the album. Both of them are currently the sole, core members of the band to this day (as of now). 

Both of them would meet frequently in early 2016 to practice songs before the recording process of the album at The ConneXion Fellowship church in Bowling Green that Michael helped lead worship at during that time. After several whole pizzas and cups of coffee consumed, they were ready to bring Love And Fear to life in May of 2016. Michael and Jared finished recording all of their electric and acoustic guitar parts during the summer and Jared got some of his WKU music friends Luc DiGiuseppe (bass guitar) and Josh Propst (cello) to record on the album. Alicyn Newman played violin on the album and piano was recorded by Michael's brother Josh Jessen. There were guest vocals from their friends Bethany Pedigo and Martha Christian in the SOKY worship community on the album as well. What started as Michael's sole vision became a very rewarding whole effort with some of Bowling Green's most talented musicians becoming a part of Love And Fear. All of the main tracks were finished in fall of 2016 but some gang vocal and other vocal tracks were recorded in 2017. This project has spanned years of good and bad, light and dark, and of course, love and fear before being mixed, mastered, and finalized in early 2018. It has been a long journey and the songs on Love And Fear are deeply embedded with the stories of that journey of life. We hope that through these songs you can hear those stories and that they become a part of your life as well.