Right / by Michael Nichols

So what? Just gonna sit there and point the finger? What's right anymore? Didn't ya hear? Everything is relative. There is no "absolute". It's nothing but a religious lie to form a system of control to feed a delusion that there is hope after death, when death is all there is.

Heard it before? It's all the rave these days. No rules. No right if there's no wrong. No light if there's no shadow.

Is it really all that awesomely attractive? After all, everyone thinks that this new wave of relativity is "right". If it's right, then absolutism is "wrong", and if there is no absolute, the absolute that there is no absolute cannot be because there is no absolute.

All of this having been said, who then can be "right"? what does it take? how does one achieve this apex?

I'm not saying that relativity doesn't exist to an extent, but I think we may have traded its place. If there is no wrong or right, no laws, no absolutes, then rape to one person is okay, but to another it's not. This is true, but I think that we capture this incorrectly. The morality of this is solid, unshakable, absolute. It is evil. However, is it not true that the different people have different standpoints and different experiences? Example being that the rapist may not feel as guilty about his crime as the rape victim feels violated. Case? The weight of an object is relative to its distance from another object, both objects pulling with gravity. Nevertheless, they are guided by a law that does not change.

The artist Plumb has this to say in her song "God-Shaped Hole"... "Every point of view has another angle, every angle has its merit, but it all comes down to faith. That's the way I see it. You could say that love is not divine, and you could say that life is not eternal, all we have is now, but I don't believe it. There's a God-shaped hole in all of us, and the restless soul is searching. There's a God-shaped hole in all of us. It's a void only He can fill. Does the world seem grey with empty longing, bearing every shade of cynical, and do you ever feel that there is something missing? There's a God-shaped hole in all of us, and the restless soul is searching. There's a God-shaped hole in all of us. It's a void only He can fill." Quite succinct, don't ya think? Really gets the point across. So is there merit to this angle? Stay focused. It's not over yet.

Everyone wants to say that they're right. In my experience, I'd like to call this the customer-versus-management scenario. We know the customer isn't always right if we are, say, a cashier. But we aren't authorized to make that call to the extent that management is. So, when a customer ceases to be agreeable, refer them to management. And there ya have it. Need deciphering? Okay. Here we go. If management says something that's right, and the customer says something contrary, the customer is not right, but is, in fact, wrong. And it works both ways. Swap the x and y variables and the trajectory of a linear graph renders the reciprocal graph. If the primary path was correct, but the coordinates are mixed up, the destination changes.

And that's the thing of it. I believe - this is my "point of view" - our paths will all eventually cross at a singular point. Some people say that all roads lead to "god" and that all "gods" are valid. And there are yet those who believe that no road leads to "god" and that no "gods" are valid. I believe that there are many roads, and they all do lead to God, but I don't believe that it's necessarily the way we think.

The thing about believing in absolutes means that you have to be wrong because you are not the laws by which you must abide. You are the subject of those laws. And the outcome you get is relative to the constant that you input as the variable. In short, you get what you give, even if it's simply someone else paying for it down the road in this life. Believing in absolutes means that there are consequences. It means that if a specific outcome is necessary, that if you input the wrong constant for the variable, you will not get the outcome you want. That's what judgment is. All roads do lead to the throne of God, but only when we have to face that which we have done, and take the course that we chose. If there is no law, then there is no guide, nor consequence, nor path, nor purpose, nor existence.

We are adventurers, testing what we have in front of us. God suggested that the knowledge of good and evil would result in our death. Lucifer knew good and evil when he deceived us. We didn't. Under the recognition of good and evil, we would usurp the throne as a judge for our own selfish reasons, and then subsequently have to be dethroned for our ill use of the throne, because there is no reconciliation. Things in this world aren't always the way we like them to be, so we change them. But God, THE perfect, THE almighty, MADE them. That is a truth. And it's a truth that the more we change things, the worse things become. The more we make use of things that weren't made for us, ingest, inhale, inject, blah blah blah, the more we kill ourselves and the more potential there is to kill others. It's an endless cycle of trying to reconcile the little things we don't bother to notice in any other light other than the harm that they cause in the short term, instead of the good they cause in the long run.

When a sound occurs, it is at its peak only once, and it echoes forever, bouncing against the air, and never fading away, as is gravity, growing exponentially weaker with distance, but never fully gone. When we take it upon ourselves to interfere in the sound of God's plan, we distort its beauty, and make it what it is not made to be. Thankfully, the voice of Satan is not able to cancel the voice of God, no matter how loud it may be, and no matter how distorted and messed up things are now.

What must it be like to be God? giving your everything, only to have it distorted? Thankfully, that's not the end of it. He sent Jesus. Forgiveness for our sins and the sins of the world, because we are in this world. This world is not right, so we cannot be right. Yet we seek that which is right, sometimes finding a false image of it in ourselves, but that has proven to not last much more than the average 70-year lifespan of a human being. We mess up, and we fail, and that will not change. Not yet. The judgment isn't the end. There is a final destination. There is hope for a new beginning, free of evil.

I know it sounds like a long shot. But why? What's so bad about accepting responsibility, the fact that we screw up? What's so bad about leaving an old way? What's so bad about hope? What's so bad about change? What's so bad about finding the one thing, the one Lord who IS right, instead of clinging to the delusion that it's us? 'cause if there's only death, and if there's no hope, then that makes a lot of people right and unworthy of death, and worthy of God-ship, and would not die.

I'm not right. He is. He is the only reason I can even write this. He's the only reason there can be any hope that someone will read this and take it to heart. He didn't give us a choice to make the wrong one, but to find Him as the right one. He made the decision to make Himself involved with us. He's proven that to me in more way than I can count, beginning at existence, then redemption, and then personal experiences, which are too many to mention. It's nothing out of reach. He made Himself available to anyone who will reach for Him. It may take time, and it may not be the way you think is right. But then, we're not right. He is. And that just takes a leap of faith.

He didn't say to trust a church: they will fail you. He didn't say to trust a mortal: they will fail you. He didn't say to trust a system: it will fail you. He said that "God so loved the world that He gave His only blood-born son, that whosoever trusts in Him will have unending life." If there is ONE thing that can go right, that can BE right, it's this.

There is freedom in Jesus' name.

There is forgiveness in Jesus' name.

There is hope in Jesus' name.

There is trust in Jesus' name.

There is love in Jesus' name.

There is JOY in Jesus' name.

There is PEACE in Jesus' name.

There is LIFE in Jesus' name.

There is CLEANSING in Jesus' name.

There is CHANGE in Jesus' name.

There is EVERYTHING in Jesus' name.

All there is to do is trust Him. He is Lord. Change will not save you. He paid for all our sins. He made our salvation. And that will change you.

Sincerely, with love.