Editorial: New Year, New Modus Operandi / by Michael Nichols

Along with the personal aspect of restarting myself, you all know that I've been trying to take a new approach to doing this blog. Up until now, I've treated blogging like a place to vent and to catch you up on my thought life. I've also used it to express what God is doing in me through the scriptures and through my own life. That part isn't going to change.

If you navigate to "The Routine" you will see a number of different articles that I will start to post on a more consistent basis. You'll probably notice that "Entering Rest" and "Renewed Life" sort of go hand-in-hand; they also skip directly over Saturday because it is the Sabbath (not that I personally adhere to that in the old-covenant sense, but I think it helps to get the idea across).  One thing that people will often tell you as a writer is that the most important parts to do right are the beginning and the ending. With a focus on those two thing, the middle tends to fill itself in to a degree.

That having been said, I put "Serial Blogger" in the middle of the week to bridge the gap between the beginning and the end. I'll take different topics, ideas, event, etc. (you get the point), and talk about them. What have been my preconceived notions about it? What do most people say about it? What has changed about my perception of it? How does it affect you and I personally (after all, what good it thinking if it doesn't have some sort of personal significance)?

Like I pointed out in my last article "Restart," this blog doesn't need a gimmick or rigidity on any sort of level. What it need is a purpose, and that purpose can only be drawn from Jesus Christ. I ask you humbly to pray for me, that I would be able to let Him do His work in this blog, and not make it about me. If you like what comes about through this change, I'd also be very privileged if you would share what you've read. Thanks, as always, for sticking around! :)

Honored be the Lord,

-- Michael N.