For the Love of Blog: You May Have Noticed... / by Michael Nichols

So, there's a banner at the top of my page, now. Don't worry. I haven't been hacked. WordPress isn't putting gigantic ads on my front page. It's an optional banner that WordPress has allowed users to add in an attempt to fight for net neutrality.

For those of you who don't know about it, net neutrality is a concept that says that all the things on the interwebs should be available at the same speed, and that cable companies do not have the right to slow down data transfers through certain websites or service (Netflix, YouTube, etc.). Hot words surrounding the issue are "fast lanes and slow lanes," referring to the speed at which certain data may be allowed to travel. The FCC is currently deliberating on the rules regarding net neutrality and the potential definition of internet as a "utility."

I'm for net neutrality. As a media producer, not only do I want people to have access to what I create, but I also want to be able to upload it without hassle, and that may become an issue if we wave goodbye to net neutrality. Want to know more or join the fight? Look at the links below for a CBS headline and channel provided by Mozilla (makers of the popular open-source web browser FireFox) to contact our representatives in congress about this issue.

Also, you can click through the banner for even more info.