For the Love of Blog: New Domain / by Michael Nichols

For a while, I've been between digital homes. I've been managing a blog, plus several social media outlets, plus several music avenues... and it's tiring, so I'm putting my foot down.

That's right. I bought a domain.

As an independent blog, Our Light Affliction no longer exists. This is a part of a larger-scale plan to really draw things together under one roof. I'm beginning to realize that God doesn't just move in one way through a person. It's not that His plan for us is singular. His goodness never changes, but how it shines through us does because we who are in the world change constantly.

To really open myself up to how He moves, I've come to an understanding that I simply must pull all the pieces together. This is ultimately in a very small way, but it's amazing how much a minor course-correction can do to change your destination months or even years down the road. I hope that's what becomes of this.

So to you who come here to read my blog, thank you. I'm not stopping. Our Light Affliction may no longer exist in and of itself, but it will become part of a much bigger picture in a much larger space. You'll also see updates from my work as a musician, solo or collaborative, and other endeavors toward which Jesus may direct my hands.

And it all starts here. Just like birth in the flesh and also rebirth in the Spirit of the Living God, it often takes an unravelling of what is, a cessation of what you're doing, an unlearning of what you know, and a return to the place it all began, in order that He may build something new.


I was found at zero.

And here I am again.