For The Love Of Blog: Shot to the Gut / by Michael Nichols

For a long time, I've felt that the body of Christ has suffered some crippling blows. Some of you might be thinking, "Thank you, Captain Obvious." Others might be thinking I'm starting to sound like a lunatic if I haven't already sounded as such. See, I'm not actually talking about blows from the outside. I'm talking about from the inside. My prayer is for direction. It has been weighing on my heart for more than five years, but lately more than ever. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe the Spirit of the Lord is moving. Or maybe I just had one too many Caribbean Jerk boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. That being said, my prayer is also to know whose direction I'm following.

See, I'm concerned that we have been caught with our pants down so to speak. We've been dabbling in areas we shouldn't, arguing with each other over irrelevant things, and not spending enough time doing our calling in unity.

If this happens, though it's likely to be when rather than if, I'll probably dedicate a whole new mantra to it on this blog.

If you don't mind, pray for me, and pray that I follow only the leading of the Spirit on this one, as well as everything else.

Thanks, readers. Much love in Jesus' name, who is worthy to receive honor and glory.