Journal Entry #128 / by Michael Nichols

This one is a little different. This is from my personal journal. It felt appropriate to share, though.


Location: Shanty Hollow (the waterfall)

I haven't written an actual journal entry here since entry #82 on 18 June 2015. I think I've been avoiding my problems. I'm sorry. I think I'm changing that now.

I recently realized I have a hard time moving forward to the next chapter even when I have accepted that the previous one has closed. It's just that I don't want to read the same kind of story each chapter until I die.

Here's the problem: seasons change. They bring life, then they take it, and we can't stop that. Whatever survives the cold returns to life. Whatever dies will fade like echoes, until they are memories of memories.

I've been looking for the middle: something more constant than agony but less constant than deity. Is that wrong? I'm learning that if I am to seek this, I cannot seek it more than deity. Life cannot be sustained by that which dies. Strengthened, sure, but little more.

"Perspective is a lovely hand to hold." -- Relient K