1Church Session 3 / by Michael Nichols

God built His church to stand together. One house. One body. One faith. One baptism. One God. One name under which we must be saved.

Since way before my faith became real to me, I've always wanted to see the divided church truly stand together in the knowledge that one savior saved us, and that it's at one name that every knee bows.

For a long time, I was convinced that this was strictly about uniting the denominations and making everyone see everything the same way. But while aligning the minutia of doctrine may be important in some way, what's most important is that we worship the name of Jesus. The one who died, was buried, and rose for us. The one whose grace is greater than all our sin.

Our foundation isn't a denomination. It isn't a subgroup. It isn't a notion. Our foundation is Christ alone.

It's worshiping His name together that will bring us together. It's the reciprocation of one love to one savior, one God. That's where it begins.

It's taking one name to one world. One mission: increase the kingdom of God by magnifying the name of Jesus.

May 13, I got the opportunity to be a part of 1Church Session 3. The 1Church Worship Movement began right here in my hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, with this exact mission in mind. Leaders from across the area, across traditions, and across denominations united over the most important thing we could ever know: the love that Jesus has lavished on us. I'm praying that this is only the beginning. The beginning of understanding that it's not about us. It's not about our name. It's not about the walls and notions that divide us, but about the God who unites us.

Below are two live videos of the songs I led from 1Church Session 3, as well as the full event stream. I personally cannot wait to see how the Spirit of God will move in the continuation of the work He began.

Matt Maher, "Lord I Need You" (Live cover from 1Church Session 3)

Hillsong UNITED, "What a Beautiful Name" (Live cover from 1Church Session 3)

1Church Session 3 (Full event stream)